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Let's behave
#1 Why do people lie?

#1 Why do people lie?

In our first episode we tackle one of the most asked questions - how to detect if somebody is lying. In particular we dig deeper into 'why do people lie?' and 'can we truly know if somebody is lying?'. Treat this as an intro to a subject that will frequently reappear in future episodes. Some of the content mentioned in this episode

📖 Episode notes

1. The Pinocchio Effect:
* University of Granada
* Chris Voss

* Deepak Malhotra * Joe Navarro
2. Book menioned:
"Liespotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception" by Pamela Meyer
3. About us:
* Jarek's band 'The Mint'
* Marcin's portfolio

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Marcin Konkel's newsletter
Let's behave
In school, people told us to behave in class. We think we should act with class yet on our own terms. Our bodies have communicated with one another since the beginning of our existence, and it's high time we all use this knowledge to navigate conflicts, negotiations or understand others (and ourselves) better. Let's behave in a way that expresses what we want to convey.
We tackle lying, social engineering, non-verbal cues through neurobiology, the subconscious mind, linguistics and more. We work as consultants thus many of the stories we tell really happened yet their details were changed.
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