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Let's behave
#8 We're in 2024

#8 We're in 2024

A quick, short (comparably) special episode on wrapping up 2023 and learnings for 2024. A big shout out to all you listeners out there for being with us the whole year. You rock 🥳 🤘

In this episode we talk about:

  • how to look confident when entering a room? (4:22)

  • the importance of handling disappointment as an adult (8:56)

  • the need to always be closing (12:40)

  • how to build resilience (21:41)

  • the importance of being unapologetically yourself by Keanu Reeves (24:34)

  • why is it important to change your state before you create strategies for change? (30:48)

and some tips for better sleep and close loops in your head.

Marcin Konkel's newsletter
Let's behave
In school, people told us to behave in class. We think we should act with class yet on our own terms. Our bodies have communicated with one another since the beginning of our existence, and it's high time we all use this knowledge to navigate conflicts, negotiations or understand others (and ourselves) better. Let's behave in a way that expresses what we want to convey.
We tackle lying, social engineering, non-verbal cues through neurobiology, the subconscious mind, linguistics and more. We work as consultants thus many of the stories we tell really happened yet their details were changed.
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