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Taking a break

Let's normalise being unhappy without thinking it’s wrong. Three ways to embrace that.

Being a servant leader doesn't mean being spineless or taking on abuse

There are usually two truths why companies want to go agile 🤥

Flying cars, taking risks, resignation letters and why it might matter to cut weight by 1 gramme - 4 thoughts from AgileByExample 2023 conference

Stop internalising anger because it’s a professional thing to do. Get it out! 4 tools to do it in a safe way.

How to conduct knowledge exchange between companies beyond only seeing each other's nice offices

What driving motorbike in Indonesia has to do with experimenting and change management?

#7 Behavioural hacks in public speaking

How to foster ad hoc leadership among your team members and help them avoid burnout in 7 steps.

Five less mentioned aspects of navigating tough job market 🦬 for Scrum Masters (or any other role)

How persistence during the pandemic has reminded me of the influence teams have ⚡️

The unexpected significance of pause ⌛️

#6 Leadership mistakes

Marcin, Tim and George's experimentations with personal work prioritisation

Dear Developers, stop treating them as idiots 🤦‍♂️

A regular day in a chocolate factory 🍫

The one reason your company should have more conversations not less as told by Mr Bean📢

After working with 100+ teams this is a short framework for a Scrum Master/Agile Coach starting in a new team to avoid disaster and get some sh*t done 🙌🏼 (part 2)

#5 Behavioural hacks

After working with 100+ teams this is a short framework for a Scrum Master/Agile Coach starting in a new team to avoid disaster and get some sh*t done 🙌🏼 (part 1)

📢 Two new launches in one day!

#4 Musings on building self-confidence through body and mind

⏲️ "Can we make the meeting shorter?" is the wrong question to ask. Stop sabotaging your meetings using these four points. 🫵🏼

How the ability to sit with discomfort can unlock your team and relationship building skills? 🧘

Join me on Notes! ✍️

An office as a product 🎁

You might not know you need to slow down until you actually slow down 😓

How the Balinese custom of Nyepi can help your team recharge? 👹

Deep Work Done in Pairs: an Experiment

Are you a manager of Scrum Masters or Agile Coaches without experience on the job? This will help you support them better 🤝

Dear Agile Coach, you're not Elton John in Rocketman, drop those feathers 🪶

2 aspects of working with managers that will reduce your anxiety as a team member 🧘🏼‍♂️

🗣️ Charisma is not given, it's taken

Start killing your darlings

🔮Five future skills for team members that will help avoid burnout, decrease stress and thrive on the market. All based on working with 100+ teams

Three things I wished I new about mental health before I started working as a Scrum Master/Agile Coach

How to regenerate at work (not after)?

Why it can be hard to find fulfilment in IT and what to do about it in 5 points. Musings on expectations, closure and Gestalt psychology 💫

⚙️Frameworks make people feel right but they don't make right in your organisation

Retrospectives are not about fun, they are about discovery 👁️

Nothing to talk about on Retrospective, huh?

Structured comments that can simplify and speed up PR reviews in teams