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Four elements of building responsible teams that are able to admit failure and work on it

Let’s stop romanticising digital nomadism 🧳 and start listening to your own needs 🩺

Create > Consume

How to create an event where people take ownership, self-organise and solve real problems?

Don't look for the best people for your organisation - look for good enough 👌

❌ Stop causing unnecessary tension in your organisation, get rid of transformations and start sensing what should be next.

🫡What does it mean to respect your place of work and how Indonesia 🇮🇩 can teach you that.

🧐 A fundamental change in thinking that will help you make more impact than anything when working with change and it's free!

How Consent Decision Making is better than consensus or majority vote and why you should start using it in your meetings.

Stop treating your teams as children and start as adults.

💸 Ditch your company development budget and start investing your own money to make real progress with your skills.

📣 5 arguments why taking care of your own brand in an organisation is not a sign of vanity and can increase your impact exponentially.

☝🏼1 tip I would give someone who wanted to start working as a Scrum Master

🚀 A non-standard thing that I rarely see in action, that can help move your team from a low-performing to a high-performing one.

✍🏼I’ve been writing everyday for 30 days. I never expected such an impact. Here’s what happened.

🥋5 silent battles many Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches go through and how tackle them.

✋🏼5 arguments why (and how) you need to use Time To Process to skyrocket whatever you're up to.

2 quotes that helped me make a bigger impact working with teams and organisations as an Agile Coach

I've seen lack of trust ruin many teams and organisations. These are 2, rarely mentioned, things that stop your team from taking ownership.

So you're an introverted Scrum Master having to work with tons of people? This will help you with your struggles.

💭Feedback is overrated and should not be your main source of growth.

👋🏼 How to say goodbye to a person leaving the team - so it isn't awkward and helps your team grow.

4 Things I Wish I Knew 10 Years Ago About Finding a Mentor

1 Tip I Would Give To A Scrum Master On The Beginning of Their Journey

What I learned about calmness while navigating conflicts and working on myself

☝🏼 One practice that helped me learn a ton as a Scrum Master

Anyone interested in recruiting Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches should read this 🔬

The more experience and knowledge you have, the more lonely you are as a leader.

🎭 4 (rarely seen) ways to show respect to people during recruitment.

Stop following your agenda and start being there for the team.

Resilience is not built by pushing through as a Scrum Master or a leader. Here is why, how to build it in 5 steps (the non-obvious) and how Mark Aurelius can help.

How to create an event where people take ownership, self-organise and solve real problems?

Why you should not follow a traditional career path as it will make you obsolete on the market and what to do about it.

How to distinguish a true servant leader through a rarely used “test”? Why is it important?

If you are a mentor, or want to become one, you should read these seven points for your mentee to level up

I moved from Europe to Bali, Indonesia 🇮🇩 2 months ago, and it helped me rediscover two principles from the Agile Manifesto and the power of cognitive dissonance

10 questions for team building

I’ve led 200+ retrospecives, here are 7 elements to nail your next one based on my 10 years of experience🎭

#3 How does self-confidence look like?

#2 Truth be told

#1 Why do people lie?